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Don't fall for the Social Security scam that bilks cash from elderly
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Have plenty of easy-to-eat snacks on hand Some seniors prefer to graze throughout the day rather than eat full meals. Keep plenty of healthy, delicious, and easy-to-eat snacks available. After all, the challenge is to get enough calories into them. Make milkshakes or smoothies If chewing is difficult or tiring, even with small pieces of food, consider serving more liquid-y foods. Warning: This is not a solution for those with dysphagia swallowing problems.

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Getting seniors who have no appetite to eat is a big challenge. Im now caring for my Dad after he had a stroke. His appetite has been bad, he complains nothing tastes good. I love the smoothie idea and hope he likes it too.

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But don't let a fear of falling keep you from being active. friends, gardening, walking, or going to the local senior center helps you stay healthy. Don't Fall! by David Slabotsky. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Seniors! Don't Fall! file PDF Book only if.

Thank you so much! So glad these suggestions are helpful! I have found that pureed cream soups work well. I use heavy whipping cream for the calorie density. This is not helping my issue. Her appetite is nothing is appealing.

And when she does try.. I now axienty and stress has a lot to do with it. But her foods are not what u mention. Smoothies is a no. Milkshakes yes.. She needs the nutrients in her daily meals. I well just have to try on my own. You may want to consult a doctor to find out the cause of her lack of appetite and her swallowing problems.

My mother had the same issues. She ended up being weak and went to hospital with her potassium and sodium being really low. She complained that everything got stuck in her throat as she ate less and less and got weak.

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Hospital ran tons of test and said her throat was good but she had beginning stages of dementia. They told me to have her swallow hard as they though liquid was remaining had the base of her throat a little, maybe from allergies. We later found out she had thrush and she was given medicine for it. I try and give her yogurt.

Fall Prevention Tips For Seniors

I got her the tasty fruit flavored yogurt and put it in a bowl and told her it was pudding. She tried it and liked it. Although she had always said she hated yogurt. Off and on she has the thinks get stuck in her throat and I tell her to swallow hard and it seems to work so that she eats enough.

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The smoothie idea is great. I can add coconut oil to them easily which seems helpful for her.

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I have found that cutting food into smaller pieces, using processors to soften or puree some foods can mean the difference between eating one or two bites or more. I also add honey or Xylitol to sweeten some things and that seems helpful.

I had to do everything by the seat of my pants! Thank you so much for your kind words and support! This represents The cost of national healthcare is not only hefty — it is expanding. As healthcare costs increase and compete with other demands on a shrinking budget for common goods, some observers are worried about the sustainability of the system. This claim cannot be entirely dismissed. This acceleration is the result of the baby boomers, who began retiring in and will be well into old age by Predictably, the older the patient, the higher the average cost. Provinces and territories spend almost 46 percent of all public-sector healthcare dollars on seniors.

Are seniors an unsustainable burden on the shrinking welfare state? Are they to blame for mounting costs?


Is ageism justified by what appear to be unambiguous figures? Or is it unjustified because the picture is more complex? Is the problem, then, that we have too many elderly patients, or that we have too many elderly patients with low incomes? Where else may we look for answers? As it turns out, an exclusive focus on healthcare costs for seniors obscures other, more accurate reasons for spiraling healthcare costs.

First, improvements in community health, nutrition, disease prevention, and health promotion push up standards of living for everyone and create the conditions that enable people to live longer. Investments in public health and public services, like clean water and sanitation, are stronger assurances of a healthy population than any vaccination program. That we have a growing number of seniors who benefit from these conditions signals the advantages in maintaining these standards. Second, there is a trend toward smaller families. On average, the fertility rate is 1.

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With fewer children and youth, the elderly population is growing larger in proportion to other segments of the population. The bulge in the age pyramid is steadily creeping upward as baby boomers age. Third, while acute infectious diseases can be eliminated or effectively controlled, it is not so with the chronic conditions that affect the elderly. As people live longer, they tend to die of lingering illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

Diseases of ageing demand allocation of a large proportion of hospital beds, drugs, and long-term support. Fourth, seniors are not the only patients who use more complex and costly services; all patients do.