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But I want to say one thing and that is to stick with your choice. Dont switch between either of the options, this will mess up your aiming and can decrease your accuracy of your shots. Shooting with both eyes open can give you a very important advantage both in tournaments and when you are hunting. Let me explain.

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Shooting with one eye means that you have to close your other one. This forces extra strain on your eye muscles and will eventually lead to your muscles getting fatigued. I used to shoot with one eye all the time and was a fan. Until the day I was told not to.

One eye closed, one open?

The coach explained to me why and it was eye-opening for me. I will try to explain what he said in my own words throughout this article. But one of the key points was that the eyes would relax more making it easier for you to aim. Another great point is the light. Shooting when its dark outside can be a challenge especially if you close one of your eyes. This will decrease the amount of light coming in through your eyes resulting in reduced vision.

Closing one of your eyes while shooting will make it harder for you to calculate the distances of your archery target. Your brain will recognize the change and adapt to a new way of shooting. Shooting with one eye can be better in certain circumstances and for different people.

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This condition is called unilateral ptosis when it affects one eye and bilateral ptosis when it affects both eyes. It may come and go or it might be. Find one eye closed stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new .

The way of shooting you think feels best for you is the one you should pick. But if you are starting out its prefered to try to shoot with both eyes open. At least for the first period of time. Focus , Some shooters even professionals have mentioned that they feel more focused when shooting with one eye closed.

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Randy Ulmer, when he competes, he uses a blinder to cover his non-dominant eye. He says it helps him focus because having a blinder on the only seas the things he wants to see, the target.

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In addition, binocular photophobia thresholds were significantly lower in those reporting eye closure compared with those who did not. Monocular eye closure in sunlight is a mechanism used to reduce photophobia and is not related to avoidance of diplopia. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Didn't get the message?

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