Ma Jones Cooking Tips Presents: Glossary of Common Cooking Terms-Vol. 1

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Consumption and its geographies. An introduction to human geography , Harlow: Pearson, Cook IJ, Crang, P. Cook IJ, Woodyer T Lives of things. Wiley-Blackwell companion to economic geography , Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, The world on a plate: culinary culture, displacement and geographical knowledges. Research methods in geography: a critical introduction , Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

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The Conversation 22 December. Web link. Made in Lego re-creations of scenes from followthethings. What would you say to the person who made your shirt?

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Eden Project Blog. Cook et al IJ Cook IJ, Parkinson A Writing collaboration: a work in progress. Abstract: Writing collaboration: a work in progress. It was designed both to serve as an alternative to a powerpoint display on the day - this was not a great success!

  1. Lessons of Health and Happiness I Learned From My Dog.
  2. Tenebrosa Lucinda (Pandora) (Spanish Edition)?
  3. Aligned expectations and established priorities: learn about the stack methodology and its benefits.

It is presented, and will evolve as, a collaboratively written paper on collaborative writing. All of those involved in the collaborations described have, as much as is possible, been contacted and asked to comment on the paper as a whole and on the parts in which they are mentioned. Each page has a comments box at its foot for suggestions and feedback through which a number have had their say about the collaborations described. Anyone who comes across this paper is welcome to add their comments and, thereby, to become a co-author.

There are no plans to turn this into a published paper. It will remain, grow and change as an ongoing online experiment in collaborative writing. Making the connection. Griffiths H, Cook IJ Commodities: the DNA of capitalism. Abstract: Commodities: the DNA of capitalism. Publications by year Cook IJ, Bagelman J Crutchlow P Museum of Contemporary Commodities: a research performance.

Abstract: Museum of Contemporary Commodities: a research performance. The materialities and injustices of the 'prolific present' are overwhelming, making attention to the production, consumption and disposal of 'stuff' an urgent matter of concern.

Constructing the agency to intervene in these socio-technical valuing practices and cultural performances, requires us to consider our roles in those performances, as much as theorising the constituting structures, strategies, and in justices of their production. The Museum of Contemporary Commodities is an art geography research performance that is both a collaboratively produced dramaturgy of valuing, and an experiment in public curation as transformative process Heathfield , Graeber, , Richter The project manifests as a series of digitally networked hacks, prototypes and events that attempt to configure new alignments between the social, material and digital that are localised and mobile, stable and reconfigurable, familiar and new Suchman et al.

These are art geographies as collectively produced critical making and social practices, which encourage audience-as-participant move from 'automatic' taking part in the unfolding immanence of the world, to feeling it more deeply. By extension attending to and caring for the ethical and political implications, and the material things that participation produces Cull, , Puig de la Bellacasa Cook IJ, Kemppainen E Voima , 7 , The project collaborated with artists, technologists, academics and members of the public to produce the museum, leaving a legacy of materials that can be toured in future to city centre retail sites, gallery spaces and outdoor events.

Joan and Neville Gabie have been working on a collaborative commission with Geographer Ian Cook on a series of film based drawings, working with the pigment Bideford Black, a naturally occurring carboniforous pigment, once mined in the area. Leave your money at home and use your personal data to buy, sell, or barter for a delicious range of commodity experiences at the MoCC Free Market. Local residents, park visitors, and online participants are invited to share how they value shopping and trading, in the street, and on their devices.

Add your valued commodities to Museum of Contemporary Commodities and help us test out our interaction prototype.

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Warm up with a Virtual Shopping trip, where you can map and discuss your trade and exchange habits with family, friends and strangers. Find out detailed information on the provenance, materials and trade-justice issues contained within your chosen commodity through a Live Chat with our expert Commodity Consultants. Discover your future through the Forebuy service. We will scientifically predict your next most urgent desire and discover in real time which affordable and amazing product is ready and waiting for you. Stop by and discover unexpected treasures from Finsbury Park surroundings whilst chatting about needs and algorithms.

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Use LEGO re-creations to turn your data and commodity stories into animated gifs, whilst sharing your experiences of local trade and exchange with Finsbury Park locals. Go one better with our hacked scanner. A truly individualised datafication process, and a great souvenir of the Free Market!

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Our hacked scanner was built with advice from artist Nathaniel Stern. Take a quiz!

Match your shopping habits to our detailed guidelines and share your results with your social network. Hartmut Bitomsky's 'Dust': a reaction more than a review. Science as culture , 20 1 , Occupied:'Ahead of the curve' radio show, Phonic FM. Review of L.

Grossman 'The political ecology of bananas'. Professional Geographer , 53 1 , Review of D. Watts eds Globalising food.

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Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers , 24 4 , Review of J. Walvin 'Fruits of Empire: exotic produce and British taste, '. Journal of Historical Geography , 25 2 , The white pawn is placed on e6, and the black pawn on e5 is removed from the board.

Fool's mate. Horwitz vs. Harrwitz, London , rd. After Black's Horwitz bishops are aimed at White's kingside. Nf3 Bg7 4. Bg2 d6 6. Italian bishops in the Giuoco Piano.

Old Recipes, New Practice? The Latin Adaptations of the Hippocratic Gynaecological Treatises

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