Embracing The Wolf

Embracing The Wolf
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My new badass powers were useless if I was tied up. I watched as he moved closer, wondering if he knew who the employer of the vampires was like Chloe and Cadie had. A look crossed his face, something resembling … disappointment.

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I studied him for a moment, unsure if I could trust him or not. Earlier when I read him, his innocence came through loud and clear, but that could have changed. Maybe he figured it all out and decided to switch sides. My eyes widened at the gesture, wondering what in the world he was doing. My eyes casually roamed over the ridges and valleys that made up his muscular chest and stomach.

Embracing Suffering - Tao of MGTOW series (part 27)

When he noticed I was appraising him, a smile curved his lips. Quickly looking away, I cursed myself for checking him out. His arms framed either side of my body and his face rested against my own. He gripped either side of the chain, and I felt the muscles in his arms flex. At that I laughed.

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Of Eve? His face was too close to mine, and it felt more intimate than a rescue demanded. His eyes cut to mine, a slight smirk on his lips. His smirk turned into a full smile, and he tugged at the chains again, his knuckles white with the strain. The links groaned with the pressure and snapped without warning, flinging both of us back onto the ground. When I began to get up, he released me and stood up with me. Meeting his eyes, I smoothed my face into a perfect mask of nonchalance. Anthony slowly shook his head. He rubbed his jaw with his hand, staring at me through a fringe of thick lashes.

Something blossomed in my stomach, hot and hungry. I imagined the emotion as a tangible thing and envisioned ripping it out. I loved Adam and whatever bizarre reaction I had toward his brother would not change that. Once a deal is struck, that pair is mated. Do you think it was easy to watch her be given to him? He shook his head. He sucked in a deep breath through his nose. He passed me, moving through the forest.

I glared at his back, tempted to tackle him to the ground and rip out his throat. Pissed, I followed after him, stomping over downed logs. I am not a home wrecker by any means. Eve was a psychotic bitch who had a taste for human flesh and blood. She tried, and failed, to pin the murders on me. Long story short, Eve was dead, and because Adam and I are bonded, I am the new alpha female. The ceremony is scheduled to take place in two days. The most I could do was work at earning my place every day.

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Stephanie Nelson resides in Illinois with her husband and their furry children. And though it was interesting as we were learning about how he becomes a werewolf, he was definitely not in his canine form long enough for this werewolf lover. Aug 15, Gina Ceballos rated it it was amazing. He is the ideal kid : Fun, Fun! Being a lone wolf means being a warrior. I love this series! Has he found his true mate?

I wanted my pack to respect me because I had earned it and not because of whom I was bonded to. Adam is purebred and alpha material through and through.

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Not so much. A tingle burst through my veins and his eyes found mine. My wolf quivered, a low growl vibrating through my bones. I watched Adam cut through the pack and stalk toward me. His azure eyes pinned me in my place and promised naughty things. I hoped my brown ones were conveying the same message.

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I watched his mouth slowly come closer, but he did not kiss me. And each time I opted for watching from afar. All my eyes wanted to focus on were the curves of your body. If you stood beside me, you would be out of my line of sight and make things a lot easier on me. Next meeting I will take my place up front. Adam was busy seventy percent of the time with pack business.

But I had found stuff to fill my time. I had turned Elle into my sparring partner. I wanted Adam to be confident in my ability to take care of myself.

Should another uprising occur, I would be an asset instead of a liability. Aside from learning to fight, I was also training with Wade. He thought I could be a seer, and I was starting to agree with him. At the time, we thought it was because she was the one who turned me, and our connection linked us.

It was farfetched, but not impossible. Her long copper hair was pulled up in a high ponytail. The sprinkle of freckles over her nose darkened with her tan, and her wide green eyes caught the sunlight and sparkled like emeralds. Elle was a skilled fighter, and it was the reason I chose her for my teacher. The other wolves would help me out, but they were too afraid to hurt me so they held back.

There was a large clearing lined by tall pine and birch trees. He was a little over protective of me. It was understandable, but also annoying. When I stopped walking Elle smiled and quirked an eyebrow. Though she respected Adam as her alpha, she also liked breaking the rules. She knew he may come down hard on her, but she would leave with her throat intact. She began undressing, and I did the same. I could change fully clothed, but I was fond of the capris I was wearing, and if I changed in them, they would be shredded.

How to Embrace Being a Lone Wolf and Walk Your OWN Path

If any wolf came sniffing in my direction it would be the last thing he ever did. My wolf came to the forefront of my mind.

She was anxious and excited to be released. Her power rushed through my veins like a tidal wave, giving me a boost of energy. My skin stretched as my bones contorted and rearranged themselves. White fur began to grow on my arms as my nails lengthened and sharpened like daggers. I fell to my knees, my hands spaced in front of me as the beast overtook my body. Within seconds, my wolf emerged, and she was ready to spar with the ruddy wolf in front of her.

Whoops and hollers sounded from the deck, causing me to take my focus off Elle. She chose that moment to pounce. She hit my ribs, and I went sailing across the hard ground. I shot up in a fury, a growl ripping through my throat.