Elysia: The World in Children’s Dreams

Elysia: The World In Children's Dreams
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Luckily for her, the realm of light, goodness and beauty - Elysia - offers her refuge from the plights of everyday life and her depression.

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Elysia: The World in Children's Dreams 2nd Edition [Malcolm Chester] on mistweckpeecobbvent.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With a mixture of fantasy, action. Elysia: The World in Children's Dreams [Malcolm Chester] on mistweckpeecobbvent.cf * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twelve-year-old Courtney dreads the day.

Unfortunately, Courtney may not be able to enjoy Elysia ; only children are allowed in the mysterious realm. Author Malcolm Chester invites readers to experience this story of adolescence and the troubles one faces when coming of age in his new book "Elysia: The World in Children's Dreams" published by Trafford Publishing. Shortly after her father goes missing, Courtney discovers she can visit Elysia when she dreams. A land brimming with mounds of candy, colorful creatures and the boy of her dreams, she never wants to leave.

Her connection to the land grows even stronger when the kingdom elects her as its new queen. Maelstrom, the nearby evil land, plans on destroying Elysia.

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With Elysia's magic crystal now in their possession, Maelstrom looks as if they may succeed. Courtney and her friends must quickly find the missing crystal and restore balance to the land, as time pushes Courtney closer and closer to becoming an adult. While her real world life had become a much better place since she had visited Elysia every night, she still missed her earlier childhood when she and both her parents spent so much time together. She lived in a happy world then, one filled with family parties, trips to the movies and parks, and just time spent quietly together. Then, the anger and the darkness came.

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Elysia: The World in Children’s Dreams

As young as she is, even Courtney knows this place cannot possibly exist; still, in this colorful world filled with delightful creatures, everyone wants to make her happy-including her new best friend and the boy of her dreams. But unfortunately, an evil civilization also exists nearby, and its king has stolen the magic crystal that provides power to the beautiful world she has come to love. Now Courtney and her friends must journey into the dangerous darkness to try to get the crystal back-before they become adults. In this fantasy tale, as Courtney and her new friends come of age, they must somehow find the strength and character inside each of them in order to save their world from destruction.

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Elysia: The World in Children's Dreams

Language : English. Building a wall to keep them out? Just an adaptation, not a reason to stab her. At present, she is now the licensed trainer of Elysia. To ask other readers questions about Elysia , please sign up. Translate Email Print.

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