Cute Puppies, Dogs and Kids (Illustrated) 100 Pictures And a Cute Dog Story

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Hilariously heartwarming, this pawsome adventure sees any TWO dogs em bark ing on a fun-filled roadtrip across Petlandia, from Mew York to Hollywoof via San Franbiscuits and beyond. Fur is ruffled but friendship conquers all!

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Hand-illustrated, this heartwarming tale of friendship, fame, loneliness and love sees your pet jetting off to a pawsome world of four-legged fun! Don't make a dog's dinner out of meal times; chow down on a personalised feeding mat.

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It's the cat's whiskers! Thanks again for the great book! It's a huge hit in the family and our daughter thinks it's the best thing ever to have a book with her Ollie Wallie in it. Excellent book, fab story, beautiful illustrations and fantastic service! Two extremely happy children! Hogan with his Petlandia Adventures book! We got it for Hannah for her birthday as she loves him so much and we were all really pleased with it! TWO dogs. Because of the large number of Australians seeing the fake ad, Consumer Protection WA took up the cause, and the page has since been removed. Mr Adams says that is important to check the puppy's temperament, as well as avoid being ripped off.

Many breeders have complained about the difficulty in getting sites to act when scams are reported. Tags: animals , consumer-protection , computers-and-technology , internet-culture , australia.

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Site Map. Media Video Audio Photos. But us on the mutts-first side of the debate perceive you pure-breeders as simply a little weird Ali Naderzad, Paris. I was going to write pretty much what you just said. Really though, Brenda, you are just caught up in a network of people and organizations that will do everything they can to make you feel like you are doing good work and helping animals by doing this pure-bred stuff. I understand how easy it is to feel like you are taking good care of the animals, and you probably really are on an individual level.

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But the work you are doing is detrimental to future offspring these dogs may have. Show People, which I used to be, are not all bad. It is the entire collection Show, Breeders, Public, etc. It is disgusting true enough. Your dogs are over priced mutts that barely can walk out of their kennels. Go back under your rock troll.

I suppose you purport to know more about dogs than you apparently do about manners or grammar. The article points out a phenomenon that there is a preponderance of evidence points to: That dogs are being overbred with a focus on appearance, and are less healthy, and suffer as a result.

I love purebred labs, and my own animal is a purebred GSD, but that is another matter. Do mixed breeds get sick? Sure they do. What does that tell us? Finally, nobody is being force-fed ideas or forced into a certain conclusion. The empirical evidence regarding the physical health of purebred dogs indicates that they are now less healthy, physically capable, have more genetic defects, illnesses and die sooner. That is the only conclusion to draw.

Thanks for the unbiased opinion Brenda…. Nothing like a dog breeder to come to the defense of dog breeders. Golly Mr. Is that all you are capable of doing? Go ahead, attempt to do so to me. I was a breeder of specific breeds, also am a Rescue Owner. I have had Mutts as well. Even though I also rescued dogs? Why have show dogs? Having them to look like we think they should ,, O he has a little white tip on his tail O LA LA that dog could never get confirmation as a pure breed ,,,, A big dog de bordeaux becomes a mongeral because of a quarter of an inch of white tip tail O LA LA Ce dur ;;;.

You said what all of us responsible breeders stand for. I also show and breed but cocker spaniels who are notorious for health problems. I am one of the few breeders left that do every test imaginable to protect the integrity of this breed. I have a mutt, a purebred rescue plus a few dogs that I show. But I support purebred dog organizations and even serve on the board of a breed club because I love the breed and want to see health issues get resolved. Also those who think a shelter dog, mixed breed will always give them genetic diversity and good health are misinformed.

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They never want "alone time," and there's no such thing as too many belly rubs. Really, so does that apply to you? They are available from different sources. But all of a sudden two of her dogs decided out of the blue no reason have been together for a number of years to fight each other. You get to learn a lot about skunks as Bat takes a particular interest in one, and he has a mother who is a veterinarian!

When I was president of a humane society we often went out to situations and rescued mixed breeds who were running loose and being bred by their litter-mates and other close relatives. Buying from a reputable breeder who does health clearances on the sire and dam of every litter ups your chances, plus choosing a breed that is known for having less hereditary problems. I am just stating facts based on my experience plus common sense. I am not defending breeders because I am not one! But I do get rather ill by people who state things that simply are not true.

Many breed are becoming healthier and are not inbred and such. In standard Poodles, for example. Many breeders are striving for very low inbreeding coefficients percentages. Do your homework before blasting inaccurate information! So very well said. Too many people jump on the fanatic bandwagon to criticise , be incredibly rude and yet have no knowledge of the majority of those who breed healthy dogs. The ones who NOW need to be looked at, are all those who are breeding crossbreeds for enormous amounts of money and getting away without so much as a comment from the pure breed bashers.

This is all going on while all the attention is on breeders who in the most part are health testing etc and have knowledge and experience in their breeds. I have spoken to several people who own 3 or 4 cocker bitches each and are mating them all to their own poodle male next year and have already done so this year.

Fulfilling or creating demand? There are many problems that we could talk about and you bring up a valid point. Cheryl, Nothing wrong with purebred dogs…. But if they have to meet a standard that is unhealthy, what is the point.

A smashed in face is unhealthy. If a breeder of a bull dog wants to win, they have to breed for a character that is going to cause problems. So I guess that makes me an authority on all things space, astronomy and quantum mechanics. My experience: Previously showed in AKC.

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What this person is talking about is the big picture. Yes there are mix breed dogs with health problems and purebred dogs that are healthy. But overall breed standards are causing problems. My family used to have German Shepherds…not any more. Too many health and fear issues. I blame AKC. Do some research yourself! Take a genetics class.